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Bluegrass Music’s highly acclaimed group, the Kenny & Amanda Smith Band, are going back to their homegrown Southern Gospel roots with their latest CD, Tell Someone. Produced by the group, the new album features Gospel standards that Kenny and Amanda sang while growing up in church while also showcasing some powerful, original compositions. Spotlighted on the project are featured guest artists, Rhonda Vincent, Wayne Winkle, and Daniel Carwile from the Homeward Bound Quartet.

“Gospel music has always been a part of Bluegrass,” says Kenny. “In our shows about 25% of the songs we play are Gospel songs and those end up being the most requested. We just wanted to make an album that would touch people. Some of our fans come up to us after our shows and they’ll ask if we’re Christians. They know we’re different, they can see something is different. With this album, it’s a dream of ours to share our faith.”

Tell Someone is a project that has been ten years in the making. Kenny and Amanda, husband & wife, kept trying to record this CD but things kept blocking the process. After years of prayers, on March 30, 2006, the studio was finally booked when Kenny got news that his father had died in a farming accident. Since Kenny & Amanda were depending on God for strength and encouragement, they decided to move ahead with the recording. The project is dedicated to the memory of Kenny’s dad, Carl.

The recording session for Tell Someone became a time of healing with Gospel favorites, “Stepping On The Clouds,” and “Shoutin’ Time,” along with such original compositions as “Mary Had A Little Boy,” “I Know Why,” and “Till I Get Home,” that showcase Amanda’s heartfelt vocals. Kenny adds taht “Tell Someone How Precious He Is” is the theme for the whole album and is one of his favorites since he used to sing it in churches in his early days of performing.

The Kenny & Amanda Smith Band is one of the most highly respected Bluegrass bands in the industry, with the group winning International Bluegrass Music Association’s Emerging Artist of the Year Award in 2003 and Kenny twice winning IBMA’s Guitarist of the Year. When Kenny started his music career, he performed Southern Gospel music with his cousin at area churches where they began to build a loyal following. It was during this time that Kenny made his conversion to Christianity and eventually he moved into the Bluegrass genre with the Lonesome River Band but his heart stayed with his Christian roots. At a concert, Kenny met fellow Bluegrass artist Amanda, who had been praying to meet a Christian man who liked to play music. Their band debuted in 2001 and became of the most innovative new acts in Bluegrass music. Now they are poised to breakout into the Christian market where they will take their Bluegrass Gospel sound to churches and concert halls across the country fulfilling a ten-year dream of sharing the Lord’s message through song.

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