Catalog #

Artist(s) Album Catalog Number Year
Seldom Scene The Best Of REB-1101 1986
Country Gentlemen 25 Years REB-1102 1986
Seldom Scene Live At The Cellar Door REB-1103 1975
Country Gentlemen Live In Japan REB-1104 1972
Mac Wiseman Classic Bluegrass REB-1106 1989
Larry Sparks Classic Bluegrass REB-1107 1989
Kenny Baker & Josh Graves The Puritan Sessions REB-1108 1989
Ralph Stanley Classic Bluegrass REB-1109 1990
Stanley Brothers Long Journey Home REB-1110 1990
Del McCoury Classic Bluegrass REB-1111 1991
Lost & Found Classic Bluegrass REB-1112 1991
Bill Harrell Classic Bluegrass REB-1113 1991
Ralph Stanley Bound To Ride REB-1114 1991
Stanley Brothers On Radio REB-1115 1991
Jim Eanes Classic Bluegrass REB-1116 1992
McPeak Brothers Classic Bluegrass REB-1117 1992
Ralph Stanley Live At McClure REB-1118 1992
Dave Evans Classic Bluegrass REB-1119 1993
Forbes Family Best Of The Early Forbes Family REB-1120 1994
Lost & Found Across The Blue Ridge Mountains REB-1121 1995
Wilma Lee Cooper Classic Country Favorites REB-1122 1996
Emerson & Waldron The Best Of REB-1123 1997
Cliff Waldron The Best Of REB-1124 1998
Virginia Squires The Best Of REB-1125 1998
Ralph Stanley Man Of Constant Sorrow REB-1126 2001
Red Allen Keep On Going: The Rebel & Melodeon Recordings REB-1127 2004
Red Allen Lonesome and Blue: The Complete County Recordings REB-1128 2004
Chris Jones A Few Words: The Best of the Originals REB-1129 2002
Ralph Stanley Great High Mountain REB-1130 2004
Ralph Stanley My Life & Legacy: The Very Best of Ralph Stanley REB-1131 2014
Country Gentlemen Bringing Mary Home REB-1478 1965
Country Gentlemen The Traveler REB-1481 1968
Eddie Adcock & Don Reno Sensational Twin Banjos REB-1482 1968
Benny & Vallie Cain and the Country Clan Benny & Vallie Cain and the Country Clan REB-1484 1969
Emerson & Waldron New Shades of Grass REB-1485 1968
Country Gentlemen Play It Like It Is REB-1486 1969
Stanley Brothers Recorded Live – Volume 1 REB-1487 1970
Walter Hensley Pickin’ On New Grass REB-1488 1969
Emerson & Waldron Bluegrass Country REB-1489 1970
Country Gentlemen New Look, New Sound REB-1490 1969
Emerson & Waldron Bluegrass Session REB-1493 1970
Country Gentlemen Young Fisherwoman REB-1494 1970
Stanley Brothers Recorded Live – Volume 2 REB-1495 1970
Cliff Waldron Right On! REB-1496 1970
Country Gentlemen One Wide River REB-1497 1971
Curly Ray Cline Chicken Reel REB-1498 1971
Ralph Stanley Cry From The Cross REB-1499 1971
Cliff Waldron Traveling Light REB-1500 1971
Country Gentlemen Sound Off REB-1501 1971
Bluegrass 45 Bluegrass 45 REB-1502 1971
Ralph Stanley Something Old, Something New REB-1503 1971
Whitley & Skaggs Second Generation Bluegrass REB-1504 1971
Cliff Waldron Just A Closer Walk With Thee REB-1505 1971
Country Gentlemen Award Winning Country Gentlemen REB-1506 1972
Bluegrass 45 Caravan REB-1507 1971
Ralph Stanley Old Country Church REB-1508 1972
Curly Ray Cline They Cut Down The Old Pine Tree REB-1509 1971
Cliff Waldron One More Step REB-1510 1972
Seldom Scene Act 1 REB-1511 1972
Stanley Brothers Together For The Last Time REB-1512 1972
Pony Express Pony Express REB-1513 1972
Ralph Stanley Plays Requests REB-1514 1972
Curly Ray Cline My Little Home In West Virginia REB-1515 1973
Bluegrass 45 In The Morning REB-1516 1973
Roy McMillan High Country REB-1517 1973
Cliff Waldron One More Mile REB-1518 1973
A.L. Wood & The Smokey Ridge Boys Sing A Bluegrass Song REB-1519 1973
Seldom Scene Act Two REB-1520 1973
Country Gentlemen Yesterday And Today – Volume 1 REB-1521 1973
Ralph Stanley I Want To Preach The Gospel REB-1522 1973
Roy McMillan Up In The High Country REB-1523 1973
Cliff Waldron Bluegrass Time REB-1524 1973
A.L. Wood & The Smokey Ridge Boys Bluegrass Today REB-1525 1973
Shenandoah Cut-Ups Shenandoah Cut-Ups REB-1526 1973
Country Gentlemen Yesterday And Today – Volume 2 REB-1527 1973
Seldom Scene Act 3 REB-1528 1973
Buck Ryan Fiddler On The Rocks REB-1529 1973
Ralph Stanley A Man And His Music REB-1530 1974
Curly Ray Cline Fishing For Another Hit REB-1531 1974
Country Grass Livin’ Free REB-1532 1974
II Generation Head Cleaner REB-1533 1974
Country Store Country Store REB-1534 1974
Country Gentlemen Yesterday And Today – Volume 3 REB-1535 1974
Seldom Scene Old Train REB-1536 1974
Benny & Vallie Cain More Of REB-1537 1974
Jimmy Arnold Strictly Arnold REB-1538 1974
Cliff Waldron And The New Shades Of Grass REB-1539 1974
Roy McMillan Time To Think REB-1540 1975
Marshall Family Come Springtime REB-1541 1975
Del McCoury Del McCoury REB-1542 1975
Goins Brothers Goins Brothers REB-1543 1975
Ralph Stanley Let Me Rest On A Peaceful Mountain REB-1544 1975
Curly Ray Cline Why Me, Ralph? REB-1545 1975
II Generation We Call It Grass REB-1546 1975
Seldom Scene Live At The Cellar Door REB-1547/8 1975
Tony Rice California Autumn REB-1549 1975
Ricky Skaggs That’s It REB-1550 1975
Buck Ryan Draggin’ The Bow REB-1552 1976
Marshall Family Requests REB-1553 1976
Ralph Stanley Live! At McClure REB-1554/5 1976
Shuffler Family Gospel REB-1556 1976
Goins Brothers On The Way Home REB-1557 1976
Cliff Waldron Gospel REB-1558 1976
Country Gentlemen Joe’s Last Train REB-1559 1976
Outdoor Plumbing Company Outdoor Plumbing Company REB-1560 1976
Seldom Scene The New Seldom Scene Album REB-1561 1976
Ralph Stanley Old Home Place REB-1562 1976
Shuffler Family Give The World A Sunny Smile REB-1563 1976
II Generation Second Impression REB-1564 1976
Jimmy Arnold Guitar REB-1665 1977
Curly Ray Cline Clinch Mountain Boy Jailed REB-1566 1977
Marshall Family The Lifeguard REB-1567 1977
Goins Brothers Take This Hammer REB-1568 1977
Del McCoury Our Kind Of Grass REB-1569 1977
Southbound Southbound REB-1570 1977
Ralph Stanley Clinch Mountain Gospel REB-1571 1977
Cliff Waldron God Walks The Dark Hills REB-1572 1978
Seldom Scene Baptizing REB-1573 1978
Country Gentlemen Calling My Children Home REB-1574 1978
Shuffler Family Gospel Pickin’ REB-1575 1978
Dominion Bluegrass Boys Dominion Bluegrass Boys REB-1576 1978
Curly Ray Cline Who’s Gonna Mow My Grass REB-1577 1978
Outdoor Plumbing CO. Moonshine Mountain REB-1578 1978
Ralph Stanley Down Where The River Bends REB-1579 1978
Tony Rice Guitar REB-1582 1978
J. D. Crowe Blackjack REB-1583 1978
Messa Grass Down The Road REB-1584 1978
J. D. Crowe The Model Church REB-1585 1978
Goins Brothers Wandering Soul REB-1586 1980
Larry Sparks John Deere Tractor REB-1588 1980
Lost & Found Lost & Found REB-1589 1980
Ralph Stanley I’ll Wear A White Robe REB-1590 1980
Buck Ryan Dream Train Engineer REB-1591 1980
Bill Harrell I Can Hear Virginia Calling Me REB-1592 1980
Bill Grant & Delia Bell Bill Grant & Delia Bell REB-1593 1980
Boys From Indiana Atlanta Is Burning REB-1594 1980
Easter Brothers I Feel Like Traveling On REB-1595 1980
Boys From Indiana The Best Of REB-1596 1981
Larry Sparks Dark Hollow REB-1597 1982
J. D. Crowe Bluegrass Holiday REB-1598 1982
Mississippi Homecoming Mississippi Homecoming REB-1599 1981
Christmas Time Back Home Christmas Time Back Home REB-1600 1981
Ralph Stanley Stanley Sound Today REB-1601 1981
Dave Evans Goin’ Round This World REB-1602 1981
Jimmy Arnold Rainbow Ride REB-1603 1982
Bill Grant & Delia Bell Rollin REB-1604 1981
Easter Brothers Almost Home REB-1605 1982
Ralph Stanley The Memory Of Your Smile REB-1606 1982
Lost & Found Endless Highway REB-1607 1982
Dave Evans A Few More Seasons REB-1608 1982
Larry Sparks The Best Of REB-1609 1982
Del McCoury The Best Of REB-1610 1983
Larry Sparks The Testing Times REB-1611 1983
McPeak Brothers Making Tracks REB-1612 1983
Ralph Stanley Snow Covered Mound REB-1613 1984
Johnny Warren Just Playing In The Rain REB-1614 1983
Easter Brothers Early Sessions REB-1615 1983
Dave Evans Poor Rambler REB-1616 1983
Summer Wages Summer Wages REB-1617 1983
Larry Sparks Blue Sparks REB-1618 1983
Ralph Stanley Child Of The King REB-1619 1983
Bill Harrell Walking In The Early Morning Dew REB-1620 1983
Jimmy Arnold Southern Soul REB-1621 1983
Del McCoury Take Me To The Mountains REB-1622 1984
Wilma Lee Cooper The White Rose REB-1623 1984
Front Porch String Band Front Porch String Band REB-1624 1984
Wilma Lee Cooper A Daisy A Day REB-1625 1984
Red Rector & Jethro Burns Old Friends REB-1626 1983
Ralph Stanley Live At The Old Home Place REB-1627 1984
Lost & Found The Best Of REB-1628 1984
Summer Wages Reflections REB-1629 1984
Dave Evans Bluegrass Memories REB-1630 1984
Forbes Family Gleams Of That Golden Morning REB-1631 1984
Marshall Family The Best Of REB-1632 1985
Larry Sparks Lonesome Guitar REB-1633 1985
Virginia Squires Mountains And Memories REB-1634 1985
Easter Brothers Tribute To Reno & Smiley REB-1635 1985
Del McCoury Sawmill REB-1636 1985
Ralph Stanley I Can Tell You The Time REB-1637 1985
Lost & Found Sun’s Gonna Shine REB-1638 1985
Dave Evans Close To Home REB-1639 1985
Bill Harrell Do You Remember REB-1640 1985
Forbes Family I’m Just A Pilgrim REB-1641 1985
Virginia Squires I’m Working My Way REB-1642 1985
Jim Eanes Bluegrass Ballads REB-1643 1986
Larry Sparks Gonna Be Movin’ REB-1644 1986
Lonesome River Band Lonesome River Band REB-1645 1986
Larry Rice Hurricanes And Daydreams REB-1646 1986
Ralph Stanley Lonesome And Blue REB-1647 1986
Forbes Family with David Marshall Outside The Gate REB-1648 1986
Virginia Squires Hard Times And Heartaches REB-1649 1986
Bill Harrell Blue Virginia Blue REB-1650 1986
Bill Emerson Home Of The Red Fox REB-1651 1987
Marshall Family The Best Of – Volume 2 REB-1652 1987
Jim Eanes Reminiscing REB-1653 1987
Larry Sparks Silver Reflections REB-1654 1987
Bill Harrell A Song For Everyone REB-1655 1987
Larry Rice Time Macine REB-1656 1987
Ralph Stanley I’ll Answer The Call REB-1657 1988
Lost & Found The Deal REB-1658 1987
Summer Wages Can’t Stop Now REB-1659 1987
Lonesome River Band Saturday Night/Sunday Morning REB-1660 1988
Reno & Smiley Songs From Yesterday REB-1661 1988
Charlie Moore The Original Rebel Soldier REB-1662 1988
Country Gentlemen Return Engagement REB-1663 1988
Appalachian Express I’ll Meet You In The Morning REB-1664 1988
Rhonda Vincent New Dreams And Sunshine REB-1665 1988
Larry Rice Artesia REB-1666 1988
Forbes Family Farewell REB-1667 1988
Lost & Found Hymn Time REB-1668 1988
Virginia Squires Variations REB-1669 1988
Randall Hylton The Music Starts Right Here REB-1670 1989
Bill Emerson Gold Plated Banjo REB-1671 1990
Clyde Moody White House Blues REB-1672 1989
Jim Eanes In His Arms REB-1673 1989
Appalachian Express Express Tracks REB-1674 1989
Country Gentlemen Let The Light Shine Down REB-1675 1991
Paul Adkins Wings Of Gold REB-1676 1990
Ralph Stanley & Raymond Fairchild Ralph Stanley & Raymond Fairchild REB-1677 1989
Lost & Found New Day REB-1678 1989
Charlie Waller & Randall Hylton The Singer & The Songster REB-1679 1990
Lonesome River Band Looking For Yourself REB-1680 1989
Butch Baldassari Old Town REB-1681 1990
Rhonda Vincent A Dream Come True REB-1682 1990
Jim Eanes 50th Anniversary Celebration REB-1683 1990
Appalachian Express Walking The Blues REB-1684 1990
Bill Harrell After The Sunrise REB-1685 1990
Ash & W Ash & W REB-1686 1990
Ralph Stanley Pray For The Boys REB-1687 1991
Lilly Brothers & Don Stover Early Recordings REB-1688 1991
Front Porch String Band Lines & Traces REB-1689 1991
Lonesome River Band Carrying The Tradition REB-1690 1991
IIIrd Tyme Out IIIrd Tyme Out REB-1691 1991
Rhonda Vincent Bound For Gloryland REB-1692 1991
All-Night Gang Bluegrass From Nashville REB-1693 1991
Larry Sparks Sings Hank Williams REB-1694 1991
The Boys Fron Indiana Touchin’ Home REB-1695 1992
Paul Adkins Reflections Of Love REB-1696 1991
Rhonda Vincent Timeless And True Love REB-1697 1991
The Traditional Grass Howdy Neighbor Howdy REB-1698 1992
Country Gentlemen New Horizon REB-1699 1992
Larry Sparks Travelin’ REB-1700 1992
Paul Adkins Modern Times REB-1701 1992
Lost & Found January Rain REB-1702 1992
IIIrd Tyme Out Puttin’ New Roots Down REB-1703 1992
Ronnie Bowman Cold Virginia Night REB-1704 1994
Charlie Sizemore Back Home REB-1705 1993
David Parmley Southern Heritage REB-1706 1993
Ralph Stanley Almost Home REB-1707 1992
The Traditional Grass I Like The Old-Time Way REB-1708 1993
Del McCoury Livin’ On The Mountain REB-1709 1992
Larry Sparks The Rock I Stand On REB-1710 1994
Paul Adkins How Many Roads REB-1711 1993
Lou Reid, Terry Baucom & Carolina Carolina Moon REB-1712 1994
IIIrd Tyme Out Grandpa’s Mandolin REB-1713 1993
Richard Greene The Grass Is Greener REB-1714 1995
Country Gentlemen Souvenirs REB-1715 1995
Ric-O-Chet Ric-O-Chet REB-1716 1994
Forbes Family I’ll Look To Him REB-1717 1995
The Traditional Grass 10th Anniversary Collection REB-1718 1993
Blue Highway It’s A Long, Long Road REB-1719 1995
The Gillis Brothers Heart & Soul REB-1720 1995
The Traditional Grass Songs Of Love And Life REB-1721 1995
Ric-O-Chet Carolina Memories REB-1722 1995
Lost & Found A Ride Through The Country REB-1723 1995
Gerald Evans & Joe Mullins Just A Five-String And A Fiddle REB-1724 1995
Bill Harrell Bill Harrell And Friends REB-1725 1995
Larry Sparks Blue Mountain Memories REB-1726 1996
Charlie Sizemore In My View REB-1727 1996
Lou Reid & Carolina Lou Reid & Carolina REB-1728 1996
Leroy Mack Leroy Mack And Friends REB-1729 1996
Richard Greene Wolves A Howlin’ REB-1730 1996
Blue Highway Wind To The West REB-1731 1996
Paul Adkins Old Rusty Gate REB-1732 1996
Forbes Family In The Shadow Of Your Wings REB-1733 1996
Larry Rice Notions And Novelties REB-1734 1996
Ralph Stanley Short Life Of Trouble REB-1735 1996
Cody Kilby Just Me REB-1736 1997
Richard Greene Sales Tax Toddle REB-1737 1997
Richard Bennett Walking Down The Line REB-1738 1997
Chris Jones No One But You REB-1739 1997
Ralph Stanley My All And All REB-1740 1997
Cliff Waldron Old Friends And Memories REB-1741 1998
Bill Harrell The Cat Came Back REB-1742 1998
Baucom, Bibey, Graham & Haley Baucom, Bibey, Graham & Haley REB-1743 1998
Mark Newton Living A Dream REB-1744 1998
Larry Sparks Christmas In The Hills REB-1745 1997
Blue Highway Midnight Storm REB-1746 1998
Josh Graves Josh Graves REB-1747 1998
Richard Bennett A Long Lonesome Time REB-1748 1998
Chris Jones Follow Your Heart REB-1749 1998
Ralph Stanley II Listen To My Hammer Ring REB-1750 1998
Wildwood Valley Boys When I Get Back To Georgia REB-1751 1999
Karl Shiflett Karl Shiflett & The Big Country Show REB-1752 1999
Butch Waller Golden Gate Promenade REB-1753 1999
Paul Williams Old Ways & Old Paths REB-1754 1999
Larry Sparks Special Delivery REB-1756 2000
Dave Evans Bad Moon Shining REB-1757 2000
Auldridge, Bennett & Gaudreau This Old Town REB-1758 1999
Various Knee Deep In Bluegrass: The AcuTab Sessions REB-1759 2000
Ralph Stanley II Pretty Girls, City Lights REB-1760 2000
Cliff Waldron Season’s Past REB-1761 2000
Lou Reid & Carolina Blue Heartache REB-1762 2000
Wildwood Valley Boys I’m A Believer REB-1763 2000
Mark Newton Follow Me Back To The Fold REB-1764 2000
Ralph Stanley While The Ages Roll On REB-1765 2000
Jeremy Stephens Scarlet Banjo REB-1766 2001
Charlie Sizemore The Story Is… The Songs of Tom T. Hall REB-1767 2002
Auldridge, Bennett & Gaudreau Blue Lonesome Wind REB-1768 2001
Chris Jones Just A Drifter REB-1769 2000
Ralph Stanley Clinch Mountain Sweethearts REB-1770 2001
Paul Williams & Cliff Waldron Higher Ground REB-1771 2001
Karl Shiflett In Full Color REB-1772 2001
Mark Newton Charlie Lawson’s Still REB-1773 2001
Paul Williams Hard Working Pilgrim REB-1774 2001
Ralph Stanley II Stanley Blues REB-1775 2002
Rock County Rock County REB-1776 2002
Dave Evans Hang Out A Light For Me REB-1777 2001
Doyle Lawson Tennessee Dream REB-1778 2002
Shawn Lane All For Today REB-1779 2003
Longview Lessons In Stone REB-1780 2002
Wildwood Valley Boys Back Country Road REB-1781 2002
Dave Evans Just Look At Me Now REB-1782 2002
Lost & Found It’s About Time REB-1783 2002
Paul Williams I’ll Meet You In Gloryland REB-1784 2002
James Alan Shelton Song For Greta REB-1785 2002
Larry Sparks The Coldest Part Of Winter REB-1786 2003
Dave Evans High Waters REB-1787 2002
Lilly Brothers & Don Stover What Will I Leave Behind REB-1788 2003
Reno & Smiley Together Again REB-1789 2006
James Price Fiddlin’ The Old-Time Way REB-1790 2003
Cliff Waldron A Little Ways Down The Road REB-1791 2002
Karl Shiflett Worries On My Mind REB-1792 2003
Perfect Strangers Perfect Strangers REB-1793 2003
Paul Williams Living On The Hallelujah Side REB-1794 2003
Mark Newton No Boundaries REB-1795 2003
Rock County Rock Solid REB-1796 2003
Melvin Goines I Wouldn’t Miss It REB-1797 2004
Kenny & Amanda Smith House Down The Block REB-1798 2003
Wildwood Valley Boys Songs From Wildwood Valley REB-1799 2003
Various Christmas In The Mountains REB-1800 2003
Larry Rice Clouds Over Carolina REB-1801 2005
King Wilkie Broke REB-1802 2004
Jimmy Gaudreau & Moondi Klein 2:10 Train REB-1803 2008
Paul Williams I’ll Be No Stranger There REB-1804 2004
Ralph Stanley II Carrying On REB-1805 2004
Larry Sparks 40 REB-1806 2005
David Davis & The Warrior River Boys David Davis & The Warrior River Boys REB-1807 2004
Steep Canyon Rangers Steep Canyon Rangers REB-1808 2004
James Alan Shelton Half Moon Bay REB-1809 2004
Ralph Stanley Shine On REB-1810 2005
Kenny & Amanda Smith Always Never Enough REB-1811 2005
Dave Evans Pretty Green Hills REB-1812 2006
Wildwood Valley Boys Daylight’s Burning REB-1813 2006
Paul Williams When The Morning Comes REB-1814 2005
Various Stelling Banjo Anthology REB-1815 2005
Steep Canyon Rangers One Dime At A Time REB-1816 2005
David Davis & The Warrior River Boys Troubled Times REB-1817 2006
Don Rigsby & Midnight Call Hillbilly Heartache REB-1818 2006
Mark Newton Hillbilly Hemingway REB-1819 2006
John Starling & Carolina Star Slidin’ Home REB-1820 2007
Kenny & Amanda Smith Tell Someone REB-1821 2006
Paul Williams Where No One Stands Alone REB-1822 2007
Bill Emerson Bill Emerson & The Sweet Dixie Band REB-1823 2007
Steep Canyon Rangers Lovin’ Pretty Woman REB-1824 2007
Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice Blue Side Of The Blue Ridge REB-1825 2008
Barry Scott & Second Wind In God’s Time REB-1826 2009
David Davis & The Warrior River Boys Two Dimes & A Nickel REB-1827 2009
Kenny & Amanda Smith Live And Learn REB-1828 2008
Lost & Found Love, Lost And Found REB-1829 2009
Paul Williams What A Journey REB-1830 2008
Don Rigsby & Midnight Call The Voice Of God REB-1831 2010
Spring Creek Way Up On A Mountain REB-1832 2009
Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers Rambler’s Call REB-1833 2010
Steep Canyon Rangers Deep In The Shade REB-1834 2009
Paul Williams Just A Little Closer Home REB-1835 2009
John Duffey John Duffey The Rebel Years: 1962-1977 REB-1836 2011
Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice Heartaches & Dreams REB-1837 2010
Big Country Bluegrass The Boys In Hats & Ties REB-1838 2010
Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers Hymns From The Hills REB-1839 2010
Ralph Stanley A Mother’s Prayer REB-1840 2011
Don Rigsby Doctor’s Orders: A Tribute to Ralph Stanley REB-1841 2013
Dehlia Low Ravens & Crows REB-1842 2011
Jimmy Gaudreau & Moondi Klein Home From The Mills REB-1843 2012
Paul Williams Satisfied REB-1844 2011
Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice The Heart Of A Song REB-1845 2011
Larry Sparks Lonesome And Then Some: A Classic 50th Celebration REB-1846 2014
Chris Jones & The Night Drivers Lonely Comes Easy REB-1847 2013
Big Country Bluegrass Memories Of The Past REB-1848 2013
Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers They’re Playing My Song REB-1849 2012
Ralph Stanley & Ralph Stanley II Side By Side REB-1850 2013
Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice The Story Of The Day I Died REB-1851 2013
Paul Williams Going To Stay In The Old-Time Way REB-1852 2012
Jimmy Gaudreau & Moondi Klein If I Had A Boat REB-1853 2014
Junior Sisk & Joe Mullins Hall Of Fame Bluegrass! REB-1854 2013
Mark Kuykendall, Bobby Hicks & Asheville Bluegrass Down Memory Lane REB-1855 2015
Mickey Galyean & Cullen’s Bridge My Daddy’s Grass REB-1856 2016
Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice Trouble Follows Me REB-1857 2014
Big Country Bluegrass Country Livin’ REB-1858 2015
Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers Another Day From Life REB-1859 2014
The Price Sisters The Price Sisters REB-1860 2016
Peter Rowan Carter Stanley’s Eyes REB-1861 2018
Big Country Bluegrass Let Them Know I’m From Virginia REB-1862 2017
Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers Sacred Memories REB-1863 2016
High Fidelity Hills and Home REB-1864 2018
Mark Kuykendal & Bobby Hicks Forever And A Day REB-1865 2017
Mickey Galyean & Cullen’s Bridge Songs From The Blue Ridge REB-1866 2018
Band of Ruhks Authentic REB-1867 2019
The Price Sisters A Heart Never Knows REB-1868 2018
Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers The Story We Tell REB-1869 2017
Larry Sparks New Moon Over My Shoulder REB-1870 2019
Peter Rowan Calling You From My Mountain REB-1871 2022
Big Country Bluegrass Mountains, Mamas and Memories REB-1872 2019
The Kody Norris Show All Suited Up REB-1873 2021
High Fidelity Banjo Player’s Blues REB-1874 2020
Larry Sparks Ministry In Song REB-1875 2021
Starlett & Big John Living In The South REB-1876 2023
Jeremy Stephens How I Hear It REB-1877 2021
The Kody Norris Show Rhinestone Revival REB-1878 2023
Larry Sparks It’s Just Me REB-1880 2023
Ralph Stanley Live In Japan REB-2002 1997
Various Live Again! WCYB Bristol Farm & Fun Time REB-2003 1997
Various 35 Years Of The Best In Bluegrass: 1960-1995 REB-4000 1995
Ralph Stanley Collectors Box Set REB-4001 1995
Country Gentlemen Early Rebel Recordings: 1962-1971 REB-4002 1998
Ralph Stanley Clinch Mountain Country REB-5001 1997
Various Last Day At Gettysburg: Songs About The Civil War REB-7501 2001
Larry Sparks The Old Church Yard REB-7502 2001
Del McCoury My Dixie Home REB-7503 2001
Various Raised By The Railroad Line REB-7504 2001
Marshall Family Volume One REB-7505 2002
Rhonda Vincent My Blue Tears REB-7506 2002
Various Feel Like My Time Ain’t Long REB-7507 2006
Country Gentlemen Can’t You Hear Me Callin’ REB-7508 2003
IIIrd Tyme Out Erase The Miles REB-7509 2004
Various Dark As A Dungeon REB-7510 2010
Easter Brothers They’re Holding Up The Ladder REB-7511 2004
Blue Highway Lonesome Pine REB-7512 2006
Jimmy Arnold Riding With Ol’ Mosby REB-7513 2006
Boys From Indiana Good Time Blues REB-7514 2006
Marshall Family Volume Two REB-7515 2004
Seldom Scene Different Roads REB-7516 2007
Ralph Stanley Mountain Preacher’s Child REB-7517 2007
Chris Jones Lost Souls And Free Spirits REB-7518 2011
Dave Evans Best Of The Vetco Years REB-7519 2008
Ralph Stanley Old-Time Pickin’ REB-7520 2008
McPeak Brothers Yesteryears: The Best of the McPeak Brothers REB-7521 2011
Larry Sparks Bound To Ride: The Best of Larry Sparks REB-7522 2008
Mac Wiseman Bluegrass Hits And Heart Songs REB-7523 2009
Lost & Found Down On Sawmill Road REB-7524 2010
Forbes Family A Forbes Family Treasury – Volume 1 REB-7525 2015
Forbes Family A Forbes Family Treasury – Volume 2 REB-7526 2015
Larry Sparks Let Him Lead You REB-7527 2011
Various With Body And Soul: A Bluegrass Tribute to Bill Monroe REB-7528 2011
Various Let The Light Shine Down: A Gospel Tribute to Bill Monroe REB-7529 2011
Front Porch String Band Hills Of Alabam REB-7530 2012
Larry Rice If You Only Knew: The Best of Larry Rice REB-7534 2014
The Traditional Grass The Blues Are Still The Blues REB-7535 2015
Larry Sparks Lonesome And Blue: More Favorites REB-7536 2017
Various True Bluegrass Essentials REB-8001 2006
Various True Bluegrass Gospel REB-8002 2007
Various True Bluegrass Instrumentals REB-8003 2007
Various Best Loved Bluegrass REB-8004 2008
Various Drive Time Bluegrass REB-8005 2009
Various True Bluegrass Banjo REB-8006 2012
Various True Bluegrass Fiddle REB-8007 2012
Various Memories Of That Old Country Church REB-8008 2013
Various True Bluegrass Mandolin REB-8009 2019
Various True Bluegrass Guitar REB-8010 2019
Ralph Stanley Old Songs and Ballads REB-9501 2012
Ralph Stanley Old Songs and Ballads – Volume 2 REB-9502 2012