Midnight Storm (1998)

Blue Highway has proven their ability at finding superior material and presenting it in such a way that it will appeal to Bluegrass fans of all ages, and even some folks outside the Bluegrass community, without compromising their musical integrity. This was their third CD for Rebel Records and although all their work is great this is probably their best. On this album look to LAST DOLLAR BLUES, I’D RATHER BE A LONESOME PINE, PIKEVILLE FLOOD, and the poignant civil war song HE WALKED ALL THE WAY HOME, in addition to what may be the very best of the bunch, the two powerful a capella gospel pieces SOME DAY and WHITHER THOU GO. As usual, there is wonderfully strong singing by Shawn Lane, Wayne Taylor, and Tim Stafford. This is today’s Bluegrass at its best—our highest recommendation. GETTING OVER YOU, KEEN MOUNTAIN PRISON, FIND ME OUT ON A MOUNTAINTOP, COLD FROSTY MORN