Pray For The Boys

Ralph Stanley

This superb disc can take a place among the best of Stanley's many gospel recordings, which is saying a lot, because Ralph is generally strongest with religious material. A wonderful performance is turned in by Ernie Thacker, whose youthful, emotion-tinged voice recalss the flavor of Stanley's earlier work with Roy Lee Centers and Keith Whitley. Solid lead guitar work by Hank Smith also contributes greatly to the sound. The material is strong, highlighted by two fine catchy songs written by John Preston OLD MAN DEATH and SNAP A FINGER, JESUS. Stanley's solo on WAYFARING STRANGER is as powerful as would be expected, and PRAY FOR THE BOYS and SEARCHING FOR A SOLDIER'S GRAVE make nice additions to some solid material including Judy Marshall's BEAUTIFUL. A fine disc, highly recommended. CITY OF GOLD, GIVE ME WINGS, GOD'S GREAT CHARIOT, LOOK WHAT I'VE TRADED, etc.



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