Tennessee Dream (2002)

Doyle Lawson

Knowing Lawson’s role as leader of the pre-eminent gospel group in Bluegrass today and his superb ability as arranger and selector of material, it is easy to overlook his talents as a mandolinist. This album, cut for the County label over 25 years ago, was one of the first solo all-mandolin records to be issued, and still holds up as a thoroughly impressive and satisfying recording. Along with a wonderful selection of tunes (nine of them his own), Lawson employed the services of J.D. Crowe (banjo), Kenny Baker (fiddle) and Jerry Douglas (Dobro) on this excellent record. Tracks include "Georgia Cracker," "Monroe Medley," "New River Ride," "Lover’s Concerto," "Picking Wild Cherries," etc.


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