They’re Playing My Song (2012)

Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers

Following in a tradition established by his father, the late Paul Mullins, Joe Mullins has used central and southern Ohio as a base for spreading superb traditional bluegrass. This album, his 3rd for Rebel, is as good as his best efforts in a long career as DJ, promoter and band leader. He has a top flight band and this album has a very nice mixture of material, including a few “oldies” in  “She Left Me Standing on the Mountain,” Dave Evans’ “When the Snow Falls on My Foggy Mountain Home” and an Osborne Brothers four song medley. Other highlights are Becky Buller’s “Moses Set My People Free” and Bill Anderson’s poignant “Some Kind of War.” For the 14th and final song, Mullins includes a live performance of the well known classic “Katy Daley,” arranged and popularized by his father.

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