New Moon Over My Shoulder (2019)

Larry Sparks

The release of New Moon Over My Shoulder coincides with Larry Sparks' fifth decade leading his band The Lonesome Ramblers. As with all of his releases, this album spotlights Sparks' amazing ability to put his own spin on an engaging selection of material, whether old (a reworking of Ralph Stanley's "I Only Exist," Roy Acuff's "Down in Union County" and the Gene Autry-penned title track for instance) or new ("Take Me Back to West Virginia," "Henry Hill," "Annie's Boy" and "Things Will Get Better"). In addition, no Larry Sparks recording is complete without a sacred song or two and here Sparks has included fresh takes of two popular gospel numbers that had been out-of-print for quite some time: "New Highway" and "Green Pastures in the Sky."




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