Bluegrass Holiday (2007)

J.D. Crowe

This was the first album to appear under J.D. Crowe’s name and featured his first band, with the great Red Allen playing guitar and singing lead, Doyle Lawson picking mandolin and singing tenor, and Bobby Slone on bass (and, occasionally, fiddle). It first came out in 1969 on the Lemco label, then King Bluegrass, and finally as an LP on Rebel. Although the album was released at a pretty lean time for bluegrass, the band had a fairly lucrative regular gig at the Holiday Inn in Lexington, Kentucky—hence the title. To enhance the package, Rebel has added four extra cuts from the period that were recorded for the King Bluegrass label, including “We’ll Meet Again Sweetheart,” a nice “You’re Not East to Forget” and two banjo instrumentals, Crowe's original version of “Blackjack” and “Pike County Breakdown.” Despite the funky, echoed up sound, this is top-flight bluegrass!

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