Blue Lonesome Wind (2001)

Auldridge, Bennett & Gaudreau

Mike Auldridge, Richard Bennett & Jimmy Gaudreau's second Rebel recording finds these masterful musicians in a wonderful groove, picking & singing on a great selection of 14 songs & tunes. It’s superb contemporary Bluegrass with all three men given lots of opportunity to shine on their respective instruments: Auldridge on Dobro, Bennett on lead guitar, and Gaudreau on mandolin. With Bennett and Gaudreau handling the bulk of the singing, all the songs work beautifully, from the lovely new title cut by Liz Meyer to Rodney Crowell’s "Home Sweet Home Revisited," Bill Caswell’s classic "Sweet Prairie Hay," and Bennett’s original "Satisfied to Stay." Add in fine versions of some Bluegrass standards ("Too Many Tears," "My Aching Heart" and "Are You Lost in Sin"), and some dynamite instrumentals and you have a delightfully great album!

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