I Wouldn’t Miss It (2004)

Melvin Goins

One of the great first class veterans of traditional Bluegrass, Melvin Goins has been a key part of the scene since his early days with the Lonesome Pine Fiddlers. On this very nicely done 13-song all gospel album he is joined by 3 other Bluegrass legends: Larry Sparks, Dave Evans and Paul Williams (who was an early member of the Lonesome Pine Fiddlers himself). Sparks shines on his two songs, Shouting On The Hills and God Holds It All In His Hands, as does Evans on He Took Your Place and Let Me Walk Lord By Your Side. Williams sounds equally fine on Voice Of My Saviour and The Shut-Ins Prayer. Melvin does an excellent job on the remaining songs, with two Tom & Dixie Hall songs being especially nice (Light On The Mountain and Beautiful River Of Life). A fine album by one of the unsung heroes of Bluegrass.

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