Daylight’s Burning (2006)

Wildwood Valley Boys

Tony Holt and The Wildwood Valley Boys. There are a number of “unsung” artists & bands plying their trade in the world of Bluegrass these days, playing excellent music but getting only a modest amount of recognition for one reason or another: Tony Holt’s band—an offshoot of the old Boys From Indiana—might be near the top of such a list. Tony Holt is a marvelous singer, and he is joined on this record by his dad Aubrey’s fine tenor vocals. Aubrey—a consistently excellent songwriter is still very much active that way: he has written 8 of the songs on this CD—they’re all good songs, but especially effective are Sweet Maggie Belle, What Happened To Ann and the title song. Tony wrote two of the remaining songs, the effective and highly nostalgic Cousin Russell and Old Granddad. Superb, traditional style Bluegrass here.

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