Rebel 45 RPM

Artist(s) Album Catalog Number
Pete Pike Making Love To A Stranger/Cotton Dice 225/6
Harold Lowry Blue Feeling/Me And The Blues 227
Pete Pike Cold Gray Dawn/I’ll Always Wonder Why 228
Pete Pike I Can See An Angel/On Top Of The Hill 229
Earl Taylor Calling Your Name/Stoney Mountain Twist 230
Jimmy Haney Would You Like To Ride With Santa/Let’s Have An Old Fashioned Christmas 231
Stinson Barth Before The Eyes Of The Whole Town/The Story Of My Wife 232
Pete Pike The Legend Of The Stars And Bars/Alone And Forsaken 233
Jimmy Haney God’s Temple/How Lucky I Am 234
Stinson Barth That Woman Barbara/I’ll Forget You Woman 235
Country Gentlemen Christmas Time Back Home/Heavenward Bound 236
Benny & Vallie Cain New River Train/Ragtime Annie 237
Benny & Vallie Cain Somebody’s Waiting For Me/Whoa Mule Whoa 238
Billy Baker Baker’s Hornpipe/I Could Change My Mind 239
Pete Pike Blues On My Mind/Napanee 240
Billy Baker Black Jack Davie/The Last Farewell 241
Red Allen Little Birdie/Faded Memory 242
Benny & Vallie Cain Angel Band/Seeing Nellie Home 243
Clinton King A Two Timing Woman/I’m Gonna Settle Down 244
Frank Wakefield Musician’s Waltz/Rondo 245
Keith Daniels Working On The Railroad/Live And Let Live 246
Bill Carroll Poker Game/Can’t Love You Anymore 247
Clinton King Virginia Girls/Go Back Home To Dad 248
Bill Carroll The Sweetest Gift A Mother’s Smile/All About Me 249
Country Gentlemen Bringing Mary Home/Northbound 250
Wally Horton Heartbroken Love/Where Were You Last Night 251
Bob Fry I’m Gonna Be Gone/What A Pity 252
Red Allen Keep On Going/Froggy Went A Courtin’ 253
Al Jones Spruce Mountain Slide/The Story Had To End 254
Flying Dutchmen Bringing In The Sheaves/It Is No Secret 255
Belgium Baxter Let Me Pass/Paul Before Agrippa 256
Country Gentlemen This World’s No Place To Live/Cold Wind A Blowin’ 257
Buzz Busby Mandolin Twist/Blue Vietnam Skies 258
Jim Cook Spring Fever Blues/Reckon 259
Al Jones Dreamin’ And Grievin’/Spruce Mountain Fiddle 260
Mary Ann Speece Two Empty Arms/Thought Of You 261
Billy Baker Cotton Eyed Joe/Baker’s Shuffle 262
Country Gentlemen Big Bruce/Blue Bell 263
Country Gentlemen Jingle Bells/Christmas Time Back Home 264
Country Gentlemen Baby Blue/Spanish Two Step 265
Clinton King I’m Leaving You Baby/I Can’t Live This Way 266
Country Gentlemen Matterhorn/Battle Hymn Of The Republic 267
Reno & Harrell Sunset Hill/Flat Tops A Pickin’ 268
Feick Family B’il Them Cabbage Down/Kutztown Reel 269
Feick Family Orange Blossom Special/We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds 270
Al Jones Teardrops Mixed With Rain/Banjo Shuffle 271
Whitey Johnson Don’t Roll Those Bloodshot Eyes At Me/Angry 272
Dodie Goodwin Don’t Touch Me/Once A Day 273
Betty Jean Why Must We Pretend/My Life Is Over In Disgrace 274
Country Gentlemen Johnny Reb/Buffalo Girls 275
Whitey Johnson That’s My Desire/Won’t Go Hunting With You Jake 276
Art Williams Here’s What’s Left Of Me/Loving Lies 277
Bobby Shannon Daddy, Mama Won’t Answer/Legend Of A King 278
Pike Brothers Pike-A-Roo/Release Me 279
Johnny Grey Stranger In Our Town/Don’t Sell Me More Wine 280
Emerson & Waldron Deep River/Over Yonder Stands Little maggie 281
Danny Kimer Suez Blues/You’re Not A Stranger 282
Whitey Johnson No Teardrops Tonight/One Life Two Loves 283
Bobby Shannon The Trial/My Version Of The Blues 284
Country Gentlemen Theme From Exodus/The Border Incident 285
Paul Douglas You’re Leaving/Born Loser 286
Pike Brothers Image Of A Living Doll/Pickin’ On Aheville Pike 287
Bob Duley & Norma Jackson I Wouldn’t Wonder Anymore/Country Star Boogie 288
Bobby Shannon The Trucker’s Story/Rhyolite 289
Emerson & Waldron Pround Mary/Faded Love 290
Pike Brothers Washington & Lee Fling/To Warm And Comfort You 291
Clinton King Old Virginia Hills/I Can’t Stand This Misery 292
Bob Duley & Norma Jackson Thanks For Letting Me Love You/Tall Walkin’ 293
Country Gentlemen The Sentence/To The Rescue 294
Bluegrass Travelers Heaven/Dream,Dream,Dream 295
Country Gentlemen Two Little Boys/Mrs. Robinson 296
Buzz Busby & Leon Morris Scramble/Just For A While 297
George Jackson & Dick Dial Hills Of Caroline/Fried Apples 298
Fiddlin’ Charlie McDowell Maiden’s Prayer/Black Mountain Rag 299
Ernest McKinney Danny Boy/MC Boogie 300
Countrymen All My Love’s Gone Today/I Don’t Know Why 301
Chris Warner Seven Year Blues/Sugar In The Gourd 302
Buddy Hubbard Little One/Forget I Love Her, Wine 303
Delmar Delaney Orchids Of Love/Freight Train 304
Bobby Shannon Born To Travel with The Wind/Heartbreak Road 305
Spence Kids Slew Foot/Galloping Breakdown 306
Cliff Waldron Walk A Mile In My Shoes/Cross Country 307
Carl Zinn I’m Very Much In Love With You/I Want To Be Somebody 308
Bob Duley I Found You Gone/Proud Mary 309
Ralph Stanley Brand New Tennessee Waltz/Old Time Pickin’ 310
Cliff Waldron Close The Door Lightly When You Go/Ice Covered Birches 311
Country Gentlemen Teach Your Children/Cowboys And Indians 312
Garrett (Rebel)Mason This Old Prison Cell/Doorstep To Heaven 313
Country Gentlemen Secret Of The Waterfall/Breakin’ It Down 314
Ralph Stanley Katy Daley/Will You Miss Me 315
Pike Brothers Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy/All I want For Christmas Is You 316
Bobby Shannon Two Loving Arms/If I Don’t Beg You Not To Go 317
Cliff Waldron Veil Of White Lace/Flat Rock 318
Country Gentlemen The Legend Of The Rebel Soldier/C.G. Express 319
Seldom Scene Sweet Baby James/Joshua 320
Seldom Scene City Of New Orleans/Cannonball 321
Seldom Scene Last Train From Poor Valley/Reason For Being 322
Cliff Waldron Mama Always Had A Song To Sing/Pickin’ On Five 323
Seldom Scene Hail To The Redskins/Mean Mother Blues 324