All Suited Up (2021)

The Kody Norris Show

The Kody Norris Show is one of the busiest, hardest working, and most entertaining bands in bluegrass. The group combines musical virtuosity with humor and showmanship in a throwback to the glory days of the Grand Ole Opry. Their debut Rebel release All Suited Up weaves classic themes with youthful creativity and modern sensibility. Kody Norris is an excellent songwriter and originals like the bouncy "Love Bug," the honky-tonk ballad "Lady of the Evening" and "Let's Go Strollin'" all sound fresh yet feel as if they've been a part of the bluegrass/country & western canon for years. Norris also has a knack of finding new and obscure material that are suited to the band's strengths, songs such as "Ole Carolina," Uncle Bill's Still" and "In the Shade of the Big Buffalo."

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