Broke (2004)

King Wilkie

The 6-piece band (named after Bill Monroe’s favorite horse) plays strictly traditional, hard-edged bluegrass yet is also appealing to a younger, contemporary audience. With solid singing by Reid Burgess, John McDonald and Ted Pitney, the band has a knack for picking a good mix of material, both new and old, and they project a youthful and engaging energy. Good original songs by Burgess (mandolin) and lead guitarist Pitney include “It’s Been a Long Time,” “Drifting Away,” “Broke Down and Lonesome” and the fine “Lee and Paige,” an old-time duet with simple mandolin and guitar accompaniment. The band is equally impressive with fine versions of lesser-known standards like “Some Glad Day,” “Sparkling Brown Eyes,” “Blue Yodel #7” and “Where the Old Red River Flows.”

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